Orr’s Property Management (OPM) is respectful of all privacy concerns of our visitors. No personal information is collected from visitors to this site. You must submit a contact form, or submit a work order form, or e-mail us directly to provide information you wish to disclose to us.

We do automatically collect non-identifying aggregate information regarding our web site visitors by collecting the visitor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and that of the visitor’s Internet Service Provider to gather broad, non-specific and non-personal information. This information includes, geographic data, dates, times, software client information such as browser types and hardware settings. Traffic activity is monitored and recorded to analyze interest in various pages on the web site, as well as date and time, references from other web sites, and key words used to find this site through search engines.

This site does not use cookies. These are messages sent to your web browser by a server and stored in one or more text files on your computer’s hard drive. Upon your next visit to the same web site, that information is sent back to the server for various purposes. Although there is a concern about the way in which they can report information on you, they generally are friendly and productive as they help authenticate you as a user and instruct the server to oblige with your preferences, like language setting, font size, specific pages you should be taken directly to and so on. Cookies can also assist the server in keeping track of your visits and your activity and so it is important to be aware of visiting and using sites which are not known to be reputable or trusted.

Information collected from you at OPM is never used for any purpose not intended by you. Information including, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses is never sold or exchanged or given to outside parties.