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Property Maintenance

Home, business or cottage. 

Orr's Property Management offers a host of services, from security, gardening, management and maintenance, all designed to take the load of you!  When you are not available, or do not have the time or manpower, Orr's Property Management can handle every aspect.  In addition to managing special projects, count on Orr's to take care of dozens and dozens of jobs around your home, business, or cottage including:

  • Lawn and Garden Care
  • Docks In & Out
  • Winter Snow Removal: roofs, decks and sidewalks
  • Weekend Preparation (example: pick up supplies / groceries)
  • Cottages Opening and Closing
  • Window Cleaning Interior and Exterior service
  • Eavestrough Cleaning
  • General Maintenance
  • Car Cleaning
  • Mail pick up
  • Tree Trimming & Maintenance
  • and Removal of Trees
  • Meeting any Sub Contractor at residence and providing supervision and directions of jobs to be performed
  • Provide Landscaping Services during summer months
  • Changing of Smoke Detector Batteries annually
  • Checking for and replacing burned out light bulbs as necessary
  • Fall and Spring Clean-Up of property
  • House Cleaning as required
  • Storm Check of property for down trees or damage
  • Christmas Lights (Installation & Removal)

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